First Mate Plus: Canned + Sauce, Spice Variety Pack

Fisherman’s Market First Mate: 6 Pack

Fresh caught from the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest coast, our canned seafood is full of flavor! We alder-smoke our salmon with our famous all natural brine  at our brick and mortar store, Fisherman's Market, in Eugene Oregon.

First Mate Plus includes two cans each (Net Weight 6.5 oz each):

  • House-Smoked Chinook Salmon

  • House-Smoked Silver Salmon

  • House-Smoked Albacore Tuna

PLUS, choose one option below:

  • Combo Option 1: First Mate + 4 Sauces
  • Combo Option 2: First Mate + 3 Bottled Sauces +1 Seasoning

Sauce Options

Same recipes as we use at our brick and mortar store, Fisherman's Market, in Eugene Oregon! Choose four bottles of our delicious sauces (Net Weight per Bottle unless otherwise noted: 11.5 ounces):

Bang Bang
A delicious sweet, spicy and smoky sauce with a blend of chilies, onion and smoked paprika.
Try it in our Shrimp Bang Bang Taquitos Recipe! 

Bombay Bomber Sauce
A flavorful sauce with curry, onion & red bell pepper.

Cajun Style
A zesty cajun style sauce with cayenne pepper, garlic and paprika. Great on fish tacos, burgers and as a substitute for mayo in your favorite recipe—try it in our featured Cajun Crab-Stuffed Deviled Eggs Recipe!

Captain Dick’s Firecracker Cocktail Sauce
A robust medley of horseradish and spices! A special sauce, in memory of Captain Dick Ramus, founder of the Fisherman’s Market in Eugene, Oregon. Ramus might have been a pirate in an earlier life. He loved his spicy Firecracker Cocktail Sauce and was always eager to share it with friends and customers. We too are eager and proud to share it with you. Net weight: 13 oz

Tijuana Terror
A sweet and tangy medley of jalapeños and lime.
Perfect with seafood and burgers—try it in our Spicy Guacamole Recipe!

Traditional Tartar Sauce
A customer favorite! A perfect blend of dill relish and capers—great on seafood and chicken dishes—try it in our featured Creamy Potato Salad Recipe! 

Poke Sauce & Marinade
A delicious Hawaiian marinade and sauce made with ginger and cilantro. A perfect marinade for fish, shrimp, poke, Kuala pork, chicken and more!

Shipping Included in the Continental United States

Check out our quick and easy recipes that use our wild-caught, premium canned albacore tuna, chinook and silver salmon so you can enjoy them year round:

  • Our canned fish is available Smoked or Hand Packed in 3 varieties: Chinook Salmon, Silver (Coho) Salmon and Albacore Tuna
  • Individual net weight for smoked fish is 6 oz
  • Individual net weight for fresh packed fish is 7 ½ oz
  • Wild hook-and-line caught Pacific Salmon and Albacore Tuna
  • Lightly salted with sea salt and packed naturally with no added oil or water

Available at Fisherman's Market

Price per bottle:

  • Bang Bang, $4.99
  • Bombay Bomber, $4.99
  • Cajun Style, $4.99
  • Captain Dick's Firecracker Cocktail Sauce, $6.99
  • Poke Sauce & Marinade, $6.99
  • Sriracha, $4.99
  • Tijuana Terror, $4.99
  • Traditional Tartar, $4.99
Select sauces available for purchase at the following grocers (prices and selection vary):

And at

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