Premium, Wild-Caught Chinook & Silver (Coho) Salmon & Albacore Tuna

Our canned tuna and salmon is wild-caught by local fishermen from the cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest coast. 

From start to finish, bringing our canned salmon and tuna to market is a labor of love. It begins with local fishermen in Newport, Oregon and ends at a family-run micro-cannery in Charleston, Oregon, with a pit-stop at our facility in Eugene, Oregon where it is hot-smoked over hickory chips.

Rich in natural fish oil, nutrients, and out-of-this-world taste, the salmon and tuna doesn’t need much to get it ready for canning. A touch of light sea salt is added, but we don’t pack our fish in water or any additional oil. All the juice that you notice in the can is natural, delicious fish oil. Canned salmon and tuna are great for seafood salad, casseroles, niçoise salad and a variety of dishes; add to your favorite recipes, and enjoy!

We have rebranded our canned fish from Fisherman's Market to Fisherman's Kitchen. New look with same great product inside!

Prices include shipping in the Continental US. Don't need shipping? Our products are available at Fisherman's Market.

Fisherman's Market is located at 830 West 7th Street, Eugene, Oregon.