Bang Bang Sauce 4 Pack | Shipped

We Don't Call it Bang Bang for No Reason

This sauce packs a serious punch of flavor! Described as "tantalizingly fiery" and quite simply the "best dipping sauce on planet Earth," those who yearn for a bit of heat will quickly fall for its delicate balance of spicy chilies and flavorful garlic that delight your taste buds without overwhelming your senses.

The secret behind this sauce lies in its unique blend of ingredients: a sweet, spicy, and smoky sauce with a mix of chilies, onion, and smoked paprika. Consider adding a dollop or two to nachos, wraps, tacos, chili con carne, or any number of other dishes where these spices and flavor profiles are complimentary.

Fisherman's Kitchen Bang Bang Sauce is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tasty alternative to ketchup or buffalo wing sauce. It's also great for grilled chicken, vegetables, pork and beef.

And did we mention how it's the perfect match for seafood? It pairs perfectly with shrimp, crab cakes and fish of all kinds and can even add a kick to your favorite recipes at home. So go ahead and give the sauce that packs the "bang" for its buck a try!

Try it in our Shrimp Bang Bang Taquitos Recipe! 

Contains: egg, soybean
Net weight per bottle: 11.2 oz

Price includes shipping in the Continental United States

Available at Fisherman's Market

Price per bottle:

  • Bang Bang, $4.99
  • Bombay Bomber, $4.99
  • Cajun Style, $4.99
  • Captain Dick's Firecracker Cocktail Sauce, $6.99
  • Poke Sauce & Marinade, $6.99
  • Sriracha, $4.99
  • Tijuana Terror, $4.99
  • Traditional Tartar, $4.99
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