Poke Marinade & Sauce 4 Pack | Shipped

A Taste of Hawaii Right at Home

Poke (pronounced "poh-kay") is an island word that means to cut into pieces. Our Fisherman's Kitchen Poke Marinade is a flavorful medley of soy sauce, fresh ginger, and cilantro. With notes of garlic and onion, this marinade and dipping sauce is perfect for dishes of all types.

It's trendy among fans of Hawaiian cuisine, but it works well with many different foods, including salmon, steak, chicken, veggies and more. Before grilling or broiling, use it as a marinade for meat, poultry, or fish. Or try it as a dressing for salads, pasta, rice, or noodles. And if you want to make a quick stir fry, toss some veggies and protein together with a few spoonfuls of poke, and you have a healthy and delicious dinner ready in minutes.

Fisherman's Kitchen Poke Marinade features only the finest quality ingredients. The result is a rich, savory marinade that's sure to please. 

Contains: Wheat, Soybeans
Net weight per bottle: 11.8 oz

Shipping Included in the Continental United States

Available at Fisherman's Market

Price per bottle:

  • Bang Bang, $4.99
  • Bombay Bomber, $4.99
  • Cajun Style, $4.99
  • Captain Dick's Firecracker Cocktail Sauce, $6.99
  • Poke Sauce & Marinade, $6.99
  • Sriracha, $4.99
  • Tijuana Terror, $4.99
  • Traditional Tartar, $4.99
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