At Fisherman's Kitchen, we're passionate about good taste!

Our sauces and marinades are prepared from scratch in small batches and are perfect for appetizers, seafood, chicken, beef, vegetables and pork. Tap into your inner culinary genius to create dishes that inspire, amaze, and delight your tastebuds—whether you use it as a topping, dip, or as an ingredient in your recipes.

Whether you're planning a quiet and romantic dinner for two or entertaining a house full of guests, Fisherman's Kitchen has something for everyone. Looking for a sauce to serve alongside your favorite fish, meat, or poultry dish or a marinade that enriches your favorite recipe? Our sauces and marinades hit the spot!

Our Collection of Sauces And Marinades

Naturally, we offer various dipping sauces and marinade options to make every meal or snack genuinely outstanding. From classic favorites like our Tartar and Firecracker Cocktail Sauces (our signature products) to Poke Marinade and Bang Bang Sauce, Fisherman's Kitchen offers a unique selection of delicious sauces and marinades that will satisfy even the most discriminating palate.

We have the best sauces for just about any occasion!

To make our delectable sauces more accessible to both local seafood lovers and foodies across the United States, we're excited to offer local pickup at our brick and mortar store, Fisherman's Market, in Eugene, Oregon, online ordering and shipping throughout the Continental United States.

  • Bang Bang: A delicious sweet, spicy and smoky sauce with a blend of chilies, onion and smoked paprika. 
  • Bombay Bomber: Yellow curry, onion, red pepper
  • Cajun Style: A zesty cajun style sauce with cayenne pepper, garlic and paprika
  • Captain Dick’s Firecracker Cocktail: a robust medley of horseradish and spices
  • Poke Marinade: A delicious Hawaiian marinade and sauce made with ginger and cilantro. A perfect marinade for fish, shrimp, poke, Kuala pork, chicken and more!
  • Tijuana Terror: A sweet and tangy medley of jalapeños and lime.
  • Traditional Tartar Sauce: A perfect blend of dill relish and capers.
  • Sambal: Spicy chili sauce
  • Sriracha: Premium Chili Hot sauce