Traditional Tartar Sauce 4 Pack | Shipped

Our Tartar Sauce is a Seafoodie Favorite

Fish, chips, tartar sauce, and pints of beer are classic fare in the Pacific Northwest and the United Kingdom, the original birthplace of this tangy concoction. But, of course, no fish fry is complete without a side of our Fisherman's Kitchen Tartar Sauce!

Our Original Tartar Sauce is the same product we serve at our brick and mortar store, Fisherman's Market, in Eugene, Oregon. Not surprisingly, it's always been a customer favorite! We've combined a perfect blend of dill relish and capers to create a classic sauce that is so versatile you'll find yourself reaching for it at every meal. You can even use it instead of ordinary mayonnaise to keep things simple when making tuna salad or sandwiches.

Whether you're looking for dipping sauce options to serve alongside crab cakes or fish platters, or you prefer to think outside the box by adding it to gourmet sandwiches, fries, or burgers, Fisherman's Kitchen Original Tartar Sauce is a delicious option that's fresh, flavorful and packed with zest.

Our Tartar Sauce adds a subtle yet distinctive flavor to all dishes and has become one of our best-selling items. If you haven't tried it yet, you won't be disappointed!

Try it in our featured Creamy Potato Salad Recipe! 

Contains: egg, soybean
Net weight per bottle: 11.2 oz

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    Price per bottle:

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    • Traditional Tartar, $4.99
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