Canned Pacific Salmon and Albacore Tuna

Fisherman's Market

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Canned Salmon and Tuna Done the Oregon Way: Wild, Fresh and with Flavor

Product Information:

  • Fisherman’s Market canned fish comes with 6 different kinds of canned Tuna and Salmon.
  • The fish comes in three varieties: Chinook Salmon, Silver (Coho) Salmon and Albacore Tuna two different preparation styles: Fancy (fresh-packed) and Smoked
  • Net weight for smoked fish is 6 oz., and for fresh-packed fish (fancy), it’s 7 ½ oz.
  • Wild hook-and-line caught Pacific Salmon and Albacore Tuna
  • Lightly salted with sea salt and packed naturally with no added oil or water.

From start to finish, bringing our canned salmon and tuna to market is a labor of love. It begins with the local fishermen that we work with in Newport, Oregon and ends at the micro-cannery that packs our fish for us, with a pit-stop at our facility in Eugene, Oregon for in-house smoking for half of the fish. As the fish travels from hand to hand, the entire small-scale process requires dedication and expertise passed down through generations. The salmon and tuna is wild-hook and line caught by local fishermen. A portion of it is then delivered to our facility in Eugene, Oregon where it is hot-smoked over hickory chips. Next, both fresh and smoked fish are sent to the canner we work with in Charleston, Oregon; Chuck’s Seafood is a family-run, micro-cannery that has been canning salmon and tuna for nearly fifty years.

Rich in natural fish oil, nutrients, and out-of-this-world taste, the salmon and tuna doesn’t need much to get it ready for canning. A touch of light sea salt is added, but we don’t pack our fish in water or any additional oil. All the juice that you notice in the can is natural, delicious fish oil. Canned salmon and tuna are great for seafood salad, casseroles, niçoise salad and a variety of dishes; add to your favorite recipes, and enjoy.

Meet the Fish

Chinook Salmon: The Chinook is the largest species of Pacific salmon and is native to the northern Pacific ocean and river systems of Oregon and western North America. The meat features high-levels of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, a mild taste, and medium firmness. The fish is rich in oil which makes it excellent for smoking, but it tastes delicious fresh, too.

Silver (Coho) Salmon: The Silver Salmon has been called one of the best tasting varieties of salmon. Like the Chinook, it is native to the Pacific Ocean and the Northwest. It’s reddish-orange meat is medium-fatty for salmon and features a mild taste and medium firmness.

Albacore Tuna: Yields a mild, white meat that is high in protein with very little fat. Albacore is also a great source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fats. Albacore is native to oceans all over the world, but the Albacore we sell at Fisherman’s Market is caught right off the Oregon Coast.


Shipping Included:

This great canned product will be shipped by ground and could take 2-5 business days.

2nd day air available by calling our store at 541-484-2722.

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