Cedar Plank Salmon Dinner — Two or Three

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Perfect Cedar Plank Salmon Shipped Right to Your Door

Product Information:

  • 2-pound cedar plank wild Pacific salmon, feeds 4-6
  • Prepared with olive oil and dill on a seasoned Oregon cedar plank
  • Includes cooking instructions and paper thermometer
  • Enjoy a perfectly cooked entrée sure to impress your family or friends

For a meal that’s sure to impress and delight the senses, try our Perfect Cedar Plank Salmon Dinner. Imagine a world where a gorgeous fillet of fresh, succulent Oregon salmon arrives at your door ready for the grill or the oven. It’s pre-seasoned and buttered, it’s laid out on a cedar plank that’s both attractive and adds incredible flavor. Well, congratulations, friends, this is the world you live in; your very own plank salmon is only a day or two away, depending on the date you order and the shipping option you choose. Once you receive it at your door, all you have to do is let your Perfect Plank Salmon thaw and follow the simple cooking instructions. Then, you’re only about 20 minutes away from a mouthwatering salmon dinner.

The Genius of the Cedar Plank

Once you’ve had a taste of tender, moist plank salmon, you’ll never cook it any other way. The benefits of cooking salmon on a cedar plank are twofold—the plank allows for even cooking and it adds incredible flavor. We recommend grilling as the preparation method with the best results, but your oven will produce amazing results as well. Whether you’re grilling or baking, the hot plank will create smoke and infuse your salmon with an extraordinary flavor. The magic of the cedar plank also allows the fish to cook evenly throughout, giving it a delicate, moist texture. The results? A perfectly golden, melt-in-your-mouth fillet of salmon.

Perfect for Parties with Simple Preparation

Cooking your Perfect Cedar Plank Salmon Dinner is so simple, even a first-timer can do it. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your next dinner party, special occasion, or just whenever you’re in the mood for an incredible family dinner. The fillet serves 4-6 and can be prepared in about twenty minutes. But don’t forget to factor in a few hours for thawing your plank salmon in the refrigerator before it’s time to cook. If you have a grill, we’d recommend following the included grilling instructions, but if the weather is bad or you don’t own a grill, baking in the oven really is a fantastic alternative. Keep the included cooking instructions close, and be sure to follow them exactly. When you reach the end of the cook time, use the enclosed paper thermometer to check for doneness. Everything’s included; the only thing you’ll need is a grill or an oven.

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Shipping Included:

Because we take great care to ensure that your Perfect Cedar Plank Salmon arrives fresh and in the best condition possible, we only offer next day and 2-day shipping.

Fish is packaged in styrofoam and should stay frozen for 48 hours.

  • Orders must be received by 11:00 am PT in order to ship that same day
  • Orders received after 11:00 am PT on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday
  • Orders placed on Thursday, Friday and weekends will not ship until the following Monday
  • Shipping is only available within the continental United States

If you have questions, about our shipping policies, cooking instructions or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us or call our store at 541-484-2722.


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